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Class 1:
Viewing Baby animals makes you work harder
Cute kitty Video
More Cute Kitties

Pause: A meditation app

Next Gen gaming

Uncharted 4 Trailer

SCAD VSFX Alum Brian Recktenwald working on Uncharted 4

Leonardo SCAD sound BFA graduate working at Sony on Uncharted 4

24" Portable Screen for Travel on Kickstarter
Putting main things first fishbowl demo


Class 2:

NO Spaces in any filename or folder for any assignment at any time. Underscores are fine.
Duck rolling in the wind

Google translate is really neat
Sample Text

Google: Search by Image for resumes comparison


Class 3:

US Textile industry turns to Tech
Kitty needs more power to continue
Dreamworks evolution of rendering

Awesome Spin class instructor

Sweet bow jumping
Baby Lions


Class 4:

Eels cracking Jokes

PicPick, Fast screen capture software(free)

My comments on logos
Google self driving car
Artist recycles old paintings by adding star wars characters
Cute undersea animal***

Walrus workout

Class 5:

Gear VR Demonstration and HTC Vive
Academic dishonesty presentation
Ratt's Lay it down video

Kid Grown Up
Fun with Goats

Photorealistic CG Xvoid

Class 6:
Best speech in Taken
Taken, the original, best movie in the world, 100/100
Taken 2, a good solid movie, but nowhere near the quality of the original Taken, a 90/100
Snakes on a Plane, worth an 80
Demon Cop, You don't want a grade of Demon Cop
Demon Cop Commentary
cute animal with stuffed animal
Food leftovers app Great to recharge artistic batteries


Class 7:
Teamwork Pencils
Has anybody seen this phone?
This is not fair

LinkedIn's value in connecting students to professionals
How to stop a nightmare
Photoshop-like online editor


New York Times: Writing your way to happiness

Class 8:

Show Mystery Object

Warcraft Trailer
Run like a girl superbowl ad

Kitty falling asleep
History of Apple computers. It has the full range back from 1976
The Power of Kawaii moves him
Most classic game machine ever
FX Artist - Creative


Class 9:

You Cannot stop Kawaii!
Not red Sonic

Color of Sonic
Cute kitty videos
Motivational High School Football Player
Life expectancy calculator, planning for retirement, finances

NYTimes: At 100, Still Running for Her Life

Cute mamma and kitten

Sweet Russian Superhero movie

Give me back that Fish!

Harvard: Benefits of mindfulness


Class 10:

SCAD Advertising student Jay Trikha website
NYC Subway/Pitbull in Bag
Bouncing Baby lamb
Two tired brings artists and patrons together

This Patreon Artist makes 22K monthly using the site
Just like a miniMall

Texting can be dangerous

Intel Compute Stick

Things you are doing wrong on LinkedIn
Movie visual effects done on a $1200 laptop

More info on the 15 minute movie

Class 11:

For programmers

Good news for VSFX majors: Shortage of artists ahead

Best online Photoshop tutorials

My current fitness goal: Matt Damon in Jason Bourne

Matt Damon's workout/eating for new Jason Bourne film

Who's your best friend?
Tiny, inexpensive houses for urban areas
cute kitty gnawing
Sleeping Mouse
A useful tool for keeping resolutions is

Review a SCAD ANIM student reel

Review a SCAD VSFX Alum Reel: Nate Usiak allows you to control your clients computer remotely

Edx free class: Unlocking your employability


Class 12:

Funny Superbowl 2016 Commerical:
Weekends be like

Cat is gone
Cat doing high five
Love the puking kitty on his buddies
kitties in a box

Article: Overthinking worriers are probabably creative geniuses

Article on how to get hired at Amazon

Review a SCAD VSFX Alum Reel

Like Under Armour Sports Clothing? Try Uncle Martian

How to get Fashion Dream Job is a popular freelance site for anything that can be done on a computer/phone


Class 13:
Break! for Motivation is guaranteed high quality but average price is $300

Microsoft Exec: AI is most imporatant technology right now

Complex jobs help with memory

Review a Game Student website

(How he made it)
See how you compare to the average american
Like where the cat slaps the copier
Classic Webpages we can aspire to

Nvidia GeForce realtime SSS for human face

Series of articles on UX Design

Sweet underwater Iguana!

NEW: Homemade hover bike


Class 14:

More Hippo Kawaii: Tooth Brushing

Fashion Awesomeness!

Prezi example
Direct X 12: Square Enix
Guy makes wedding invitations
Rollin Safari
Cute kitten image

Dan Franz Reel is the fastest way to create an engaging resume/Cover letter

IBM at the Job Fair needs UX interns and full time employees now

Yoda:Do, or do not Free, Learn to code


Class 15:

Sleeping with weighted blanket helps with insomnia and anxiety

Epic Games Unreal sequencer is used by SCAD students to organize projects

Why is Mac used for so many startups?

Python developer applies for job in London

Cat wiggle
Cute skype, special kitty
American gladiators Malibu
Another cute kitten image

One of my programming students got a job on

A good speech synthesizer online app (free)

Dragon Speech is a paid professional speech synthesizer


Class 16:
Detroit: Become Human Quantic Dream PS4 game

Kara in Detroit modeled after this woman
Cool full wallet webpage
Cat pushes dude's face

Magic Leap: Augmented Reality
Cool lego wall patching

Cat nap

Anyone want superhuman vision?

Which email to use


Class 17:
Amazing transformation


Mystery Song - Mystery Artist

Mystery Artist
Cats being Jerks

Jurassic Parkour

Fast Company Article on using social media to apply for jobs


Class 18:

What you don't know

Article: Yale Computer Science students complaining about inferior education
Video on size of universe
Nvida GPU maker hit with lawsuit
I want this
Great cat animated gifs
Yawning dog
1TB flash drive price

Article: No idea guy position in the game industry

Meta 2: Augmented Reality Goggles: not cheap

Drew Bridewell: UX Lead at advises getting a mentor

1st Playstation VR game video


Class 19:
From Austin Brown VSFX 160

Jaunt VR: Jobs for artists with tech skills

Chimp with dark past cares for Troll Dolls

Boston Dynamics Dog-Robot(Aquired by Google)
Personality types that make the most and least amount of money

Article: Best reasons to use Google Drive

This is where the big money is in computer programming

When  emailing new LinkedIn contacts, keep it under 100 words: wordcount tool

School Rankings - VFX, Animation, and Games
Patient cat
Cute monkey?
Do you think birds are cute?


Class 20:

LinkedIn conversation with Disney Crowd Artist

LinkedIn conversation with Dreamworks C++ programmer

LInkedIn conversation with Krux(Cloud Computing company) Recruiting Manager 

Use LinkedIn to reach CEO's of tech companies you want to work for

Great app I use:; Use phone as scanner. Students/teachers get free space

Very Useful Car locator App for evaluating photos

Highly ranked professional student LinkedIn photo on

Cloud computing myths busted

It's a VR world; We're Just Living in it

VR for healthcare; Something I am very excited about helping to develop

Houdini and Houdini Engine used in AAA Games

Computer People funnies(image)

Animated videos on your sneakers; Controled by your Smartphone
Taiwanese street artist

Microsoft co-founder wants to design AI brain that can pass a high school science test

The war of man vs machine has begun
I will leave you with a final cute image
I will leave you with a another final cute image UE4 Engineer job requirements

YouTube interview with VSFX senior Alex Shilt(

How to get a video game internship (Thanks Pat Helbig)

Article: 3 Qualities of Likeable People

Article: 5 tips on dealing with clients

Article on what to say when someone passes on.

Even Harvard students fill out course evaluations

For fashion students and others who want properly fitting clothes


Emergency Power of Kawaii: Use only when needed for motivation and encouragement:


Please cuddle the cat!

Lion hugs man

Image: Cat Bath

Image: Coding Cat

Baby Chicks cuddle up to Golden Retriever

Black dog and kitty

Cat lovers surprised by kittens

Big men meet kittens

Big men meet puppies

People with fear of dogs meet Pit Bull Puppies

Dogs welcoming soldiers home

Sea Otters

Cute Kittens Compilation

Basket of Baby Kittens

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